Friday, 14 June 2013

Cookscape - The International flavor of Indian kitchens

Unlike in the west, living rooms in India are not constructed following a modular kitchen arrangement with Cookscape .This applies as well to the Modular Kitchen in Chennai. Cookscape modualr kitchens are designed keeping this fully well in mind.

A kitchen of any size can be fitted out with Cookscape modular Kitchens, even if the Modular Kitchen layout by itself had not followed a modular Kitchen arrangement. The modules offered by cookscape have widths in multiples of 150 mm and are comprehensive in range from a minimum of 150 mm to 1200 mm.

This enables the customer to select modular kitchen of his/ her choice and still be able to have a modular Kitchen fitting out exactly in her household. Cookscape, also offers Special purpose modules called Balancing modules which can make up for spaces from 160 to 299mm widths. With this modular Kitchen of any size can be accommodated with Cookscape modular kitchens.

Cookscape offers enticing End modules that are positioned at the end of Modular kitchens and provide open access to the user. Cookscape Modular kitchens have been conceptualized to be able to fit in any Modular Kitchen layout, be it the shape of a trapezium or even a semicircle. Customization thus is quite possible with supreme aesthetics in Cookscape Modular Kitchens.

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